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Win a Brand New HP TouchSmart 300 from Spanglishbaby!

Sat, 10/02/2010 - 4:55PM by adacosta 0 Comments -

The lovely folks over at Spanglishbaby are giving away a lovely, sleek, all in one HP 300. The HP TouchSmart line has been around for a while, but I believe the current iterations are the best yet and with the release of Windows 7, they are even better.

"Not only is it a mega entertainment hub, it´s also a touch-screen enabled PC that´s an excellent play and learning center for any family who wants their children to gain computer and interactive skills with programs and applications that are fun for them and easy to navigate."

 Learn more about the contest:


After watching the video, I have to say my favorite feature is the Touch support, why? I have played with one myself and loved how well it works with the new Windows 7. The applications are more Touch aware such as Microsoft Paint and those that HP bundles with the system, they are more responsive too. I remember when HP just came out with the TouchSmart, they had Windows Vista but the Touch Support wasn't so good and HP had their own implementation of Touch on Top of Windows so it kind of felt more like an add than an integrated, cohesive solution. After watching the video, it looks like they did a great job by integrating better with Windows 7. You do some cool stuff like Flick through your photos like a photo album, zoom, rotate, drag, pan and double tap, which is really cool and you are doing it with your fingers.

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